i think i had a dream where the dwarves were a rock band at a music festival and kili was the drummer and then they threw these gandalf hats out to the crowd and i fucking got one???

oh man i forgot to say night before last i had another in-character dream

fucking lotro is gonna finish me off

Oh hey so I had the first dream I remember in a while and I’m fairly certain it was influenced by my waking up due to the neighbouring building’s fire alarm. And of course it was brought on by LOTRO but heeeey it was my first ‘I’m-actually-in-Middle-Earth’ dream so that was p cool

I was in this dwarven stronghold like I’ve never seen before. It was underground, but not by much. I think it must have only been a couple levels, because it was so wide.

And then the city was attacked — which is where I think the fire alarm must have started — by these massive beasts. They were shaped a bit like a really fucked up dog or an armadillo with great enormous wounds. They were shades of brown and had a sort of goblin-texture.

So obviously I try and kill them. I think I was with the two most senior members of my kin who I had a nice chat with earlier yesterday, but I was the only one who could shoot them in the brain because I was the only archer.

But we start taking out these beasts, and everyone’s screaming and there’s warriors fighting and we got it down from three to two at one point.

Except there’s this sundial that makes up the whole roof and it’s this dark, rugged metal with intricate symbols and carvings and linings. It had this triangular chunk of the sky that would shine down into the dwarven city, and when the hour changed, a part of the ceiling would rotate and another chunk of the sky would show through.

I think my mom (dwarf-mom….real mom…idfk) shouting something like “The hour’s nearly there!” and one of the beasts leaped up, ready to strike, and was crushed by the sundial as it changed.

I remember looking to the two senior officers of my kin, who were cheering and—

Then I woke up. 

Fire alarm blaring and everything. :|

so last night i was trying to sleep at like 6 am which was nearly impossible because my roommate snores like a freight train and i’m doing everything i can to try and get to sleep, including opening the window a little more because i was boiling 

the room’s pitch black except for the little light that comes in through the bottom of the door and what light’s coming in from the part of the window that’s not curtained so i go to open the window 

and something big and dark passes by the window.

and then another black thing passes by.

so i think “wow, someone must be doing their laundry. kind of a weird time to do laundry” because i’m tired and not all there and near the laundry room.

only the laundry room’s beneath me and on the ground floor and i’m on the second floor.

dreaM SHIT

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man i had a dream last night about one of my neighbours waiting in a tree and stopping me, saying “we need to talk”

i don’t even have a neighbour. i was literally dream-scared of a dream-neighbour i made up.

last night i had a dream i was natasha romanoff and i had to kill benedict cumberbatch by throwing him off my porch into this gigantic river (which doesn’t really exist) but i didn’t want to do that because he has a nice face so i fake-killed him and the last thing i remember is watching him float down the not-river in swim trunks and on top of an inflatable pool toy

i had two really fucking weird dreams last night

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for the record that dream was about five times better than the one i had with the alternate reality based in space where everyone died because it was the space apocalypse 

and the one i had that same night where i was looking for treasure in an abandoned castle with some bros and i heard them all die over a radio because of poisonous spider bites 

no okay everyone shut up i’m going to tell you about my crazy ass hobbit/lotr dream

last night i had a dream there was this middle earth game show/dodgeball tournament or some shit and basically we’ve got maybe ten representatives from each race in a fucking gymnasium

naturally i’m with the dwarves idfk i think i was fili or kili or something

bUT ANYWAY THE CHALLENGE IS TO OPEN THE HIDDEN DOOR TO EREBOR which is just fucking sitting there in the middle of the gym like they cut the door out and there it is????

so naturally we, the dwarves, go wild all fuCK YEAH IT’S A DWARF DOOR WE GOT THIS YO and we try to decide which dwarf will represent us and try to open the door

it comes down to gimli and thorin don’t ask why they’re both there i’m just as confused

and i go “well, which one of you is better at opening doors” because i’m a logical dwarf apparently i’m probably fili and gimli goes “well last week i was beaten up by the elves because i couldn’t get through a door fast enough, so not me”

and we basically flip our shit fucking elves it was probably just legolas/gimli fun time that got out of hand but fuckIN ELVES 



FOR A SPLIT SECOND I THINK ”hey maybe we should’ve tried to get that hobbit fellow on our team he’d be good at opening doors” bUT IT’S TOO LATE THORIN AND THRANDUIL ADVANCE WITH SOME HOBBIT AND MAN OFF DOING IDFK


and i wake up