You may arrest me for this

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*merry and pippin consistently screwing around noises*

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→ Best of Legolas

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Aragorn shows that Palantir who’s boss.

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here he is

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i’m on a journey of self-discovery

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monsteroll: 038 by Armand Baltazar | Master Artist and Storyteller

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Khaled Al-saai, uses Arabic calligraphy as the basis for expressing his emotions and thoughts; ultimately breaking down the formal relationship between the words and their meanings. The letters immediately explode onto the canvas and are intertwined in a variety of colours and shapes; largely inspired by the artist’s experiences of architecture, landscapes and the overall environment, evoking different sensations amongst the viewer. This ultimately allows the viewer to look ‘beyond the words’ in my opinion and see the calligraphy as a medium for expression.

© Art.Islam.Life

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