going with my tradition of completely out-there guesses for upcoming hobbit films (remember that time i called kili getting injured and staying in laketown with oin, bofur, and fili based on one promo image? fuckin gonna put that on my resume)

graham mctavish said a thing during the comicon hobit panel

"well, i’ve often thought that the entire journey is seeking a female dwarf. and, uh, boy, it takes us a long time."

and idk if it’s the way he said it or what, but i’m gonna call it right now: there was footage of dis filmed for bofa.

whether or not it shows up in the film is another thing entirely, but there is the whole side-plotline of kili’s runestone. whiCH IS REALLY COOL. i’m not sure it’ll be a major plot point. maybe just a little thing, especially since it seems like they’re keeping tight-lipped about this whole thing. **

some possible spoilers under the cut because i’m like 90% sure this is going to happen and if you don’t want to know about character death and bofa, ignore it.

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ALRIGHT bc torn is a great big bag of dicks: do we have any actual live stream from inside the hall?

i made this gif set purely for the fourth gif bc when i was watching it i thought fili was crying

it’s probably dean’s prosthetics but i’m going to continue to live in this world of hurt

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- Durin's Day falls morn after next. We must reach the mountain     before then.
- And if we do not? If we fail to find the hidden door before that time?
- Then this quest has been for nothing.

sketchy fili kickin ass and takin names

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the hobbit: there and back again —-> the hobbit: into the fire??


surrounded: a (chill) mix
for the eldest who know what they potentially might become;
for the ones who aren’t whole when by themselves;
when the other half is on the edge of death;
but mostly for when you need to breath and think about when things were so much simpler 

eyyy i found a new fic for those who have an unexpected addiction to hobbit au fic featuring aragorn and legolas!

i’m only a chapter in but it looks like much hilarity and a really interesting way the whole mirkwood-and-forth scenario could’ve gone