“But who will protect you?!”

Alright. Take a look at this scene for a second, because I missed this the first couple times. It’s time for another overanalyzation, shit quality gif accompaniment. 

You see in the third gif? Jack says something to North right before Jamie steps up. Jack touched North’s hand, reassuring, and North shakes his head. Jack looks like he’s about to do something, and North doesn’t want him to do it. For a split second, you see Jack looked scared (maybe as he sees the kids), and then he puts on a brave face as he turns and faces Pitch.

My thought? Jack was going to give himself up to Pitch for whatever it may be worth. Jack’s the only Guardian with powers at this point, so he’s really maybe the only one worth something to Pitch. And even though it’s a long shot, Jack knows Pitch wanted to join forces.

Jack’s trying to strike a deal with himself as the bartering chip, most likely for his death. 

He’s willing to do everything it takes, give up his life and his freedom (the only thing he had for 300 years) to have some sort of chance at protecting these kids, even though Pitch isn’t really all that great with keeping deals.

I think this is another point where Jack matured greatly. /shrug

I don’t even think it would be that simple.

Jack turned Pitch down once, and I think that he knew by that point that Pitch wouldn’t accept another offer—not that simply, anyway. His pride had been wounded, and he wouldn’t trust Jack just as much as Jack wouldn’t trust him. Jack would have to turn on the other Guardians/the kids to prove himself to Pitch, to make any sort of alliance with him actually believable.

So it may have been that Jack was telling North that he was going to have to attack him, and that North would have to use that as a rebound to attack him in return. North was shaking his head no, because Jack is a fellow Guardian/friend, and he didn’t want to do that. But Jack would have to do it, because only in that moment of chaos could they have a chance to attack Pitch, and Jack knew it.

Either way, I still do want fic, hahahaha.



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